First Smart Grocery Cart in Pakistan

First smart grocery cart in the nation, which is intended for use in supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Aug 6, 2023 - 19:47
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First Smart Grocery Cart in Pakistan

Muhammad Usman, a computer engineer and businessman who has previously worked at Google and Amazon, is the creator of CalCart Technologies based in Lahore, Pakistan.  After dealing with the inconvenience of lengthy lines and slow checkout procedures at grocery stores, he came up with the concept of the smart cart.

The company recently revealed the first smart grocery cart in the nation, which is intended for use in supermarkets and hypermarkets. The goal of this AI-powered cart is to improve the entire shopping experience and provide a seamless fusion of online and offline purchasing.

The recent deal with the well-known international supermarket chain MAF Carrefour is a key milestone that shows the potential effects of digitizing traditional brick-and-mortar retail. Below are the main uses of the AI- powered cart:

Using a navigation system to improve the in-store experience, the built-in in-store navigation system is one of CalCart's smart cart's distinguishing characteristics. This approach is intended to make it simple for customers to navigate the store, saving them time spent looking for things. The incorporation of the navigation system demonstrates the company's dedication to improving the shopping experience in physical locations.

Aisle-Based Promotions, The personalized aisle-based promotions are a remarkable feature, as CalCart creates special offers based on customer preferences, making shopping more enjoyable.

Digital Catalogs, Customers get access to digital catalogues through the smart cart feature of CalCart. Customers can use this feature to find the things they want more quickly and also learn about new products. The smart cart gets around one of the major drawbacks of conventional in-store shopping, limited product discovery by adding digital catalogues.

The smart cart promises a more enjoyable and engaging shopping experience by fusing the ease of internet buying with the classic experience of in-store purchasing. It represents a change towards a more intelligent and individualized future for the retail sector.

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