Special Assistant to CM visited Isra University, Hyderabad

Ms. Tanzila Umi Habiba made Isra University in Hyderabad a notable visit.

Aug 5, 2023 - 01:33
Aug 5, 2023 - 01:43
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Tanzila Umi Habiba is a member of the Sindh Provincial Assembly and the Chairman of the Standing Committee on Higher, Technical Education and Research, School Education and Special Education. At Bahria Foundation College Tando Muhammad Khan, Tanzila started her profession as a math and computer teacher. She subsequently started working as a programme assistant for the Asian Development Bank (ADB)-funded Sindh Devolved Programme, and after a year there, she was promoted to the position of finance and governance officer. She joined the Benazir Bhutto Youth Development Programme as the District Monitoring Coordinator once the ADB Project was finished. Since August 2018, she has been a representative in the Sindh Provincial Assembly.

On Friday, August 4, 2023, Ms. Tanzila Umi Habiba made Isra University in Hyderabad a notable visit. Isra University Islamabad is a campus of Isra University, which is a private university located in Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan. It offers various degree programs in the fields of medicine, engineering, computer science, electronics, information and communication technology, and allied health sciences. It also has a teaching hospital called Al Nafees Medical College & Hospital. In partnership with the Ministry of Information, Science & Technology of the Government of Sindh, Ms. Tanzila Umi Habiba met with the accomplished students who had successfully finished their training courses under the IT Industry Academia Bridge Programme offered by the Hazza Institute of Technology.

The Government of Sindh's Information Technology Department was founded in November 2002 with the goal of facilitating the development of a knowledge-based society. By increasing internal efficiency and strengthening the provision of public services, the Department seeks to realize the full potential of e-Government in the Province of Sindh. Additionally, it offers technology-based services for management, governance, education, and community service in an efficient manner. Among its initiatives include the use of a modular approach for e-government, the substitution of a physical file system with an electronic one, and the provision of computer and office automation training for Sindh Government employees.

Engr. Daud Amir Channa gave a pleasant welcoming speech after the glorious Quran was recited, which set the mood for the gathering by being upbeat and inspiring. The Chief Executive Director of Isra University, Engr. Daud Amir Channa, also expressed his gratitude to Ms. Tanzila Umi Habiba and all the respected dignitaries for attending the event. As he said, “We are honored to host this wonderful event, which underscores the need of bridging the gap between education and technology, I want to emphasize the importance of such collaborative projects between academia and the government. We can provide our students with the knowledge and abilities they need to thrive in a world that is fast changing through such partnerships.”

Every element of life has been touched by the development of technology. Technology now sustains civilization as a whole, thus it is only natural that it will be included into education. Students may access a vast array of online materials thanks to technology, which also supports their academic endeavors. Most colleges and universities have already begun to incorporate technology into their teaching strategies. Because effective communication is crucial for getting your point across, students who can communicate more successfully using technology will also do better in the classroom and at business.

"I think that learning through technology will continue to transform teaching practise," says educational specialist Nadim Nsouli. Taking on issues like productivity, workload, accessibility, and inclusivity in the education sector can be tremendously beneficial.

Ms. Tanzila Umi Habiba addressed the students and expressed her sincere gratitude and respect for their efforts, commitment, and desire to pursue education and technology. "I am really impressed by the enthusiasm and passion shown by the students in finishing their training courses," she exclaimed. You are the future leaders in information, science, and technology, and I am confident that you will make a significant contribution to the development of our province and nation.

The event witnessed the presence of some other well-known guests, including Mr. Azhar Iqbal Sindhu- Managing Director Hazza Institute of Technology, Dr. Shahzeb Ali Malik - Members IS&TD, Junaid Rajpoot - Additional Secretary IS&TD, Dr. Rana Shahzad Qasier - Director General –II IS&TD, Mr. Tahir Choudhry - Director IAB Program, Mr. Adnan – Program Coordinator IS&TD, and Mr. Nohail - Program Coordinator IAB Program. Engr. Daud Amir Channa - Chief Executive Director Isra University (Hyd) & Mr. Mohammad Nabeel Khan- Dy. Director ORIC Isra University (Hyd) & Focal Person IAB Program.

As a gesture of appreciation for their services to technology and education in the area, Chief Executive Director, Engr. Daud Amir Channa gave honorary mementos to the prominent visitors during the programme. The day came to a happy conclusion with group photos that captured the atmosphere of cooperation and celebration of academic success.

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